August 30, 2021

IBM ACE Version 11.0

What’s new in Version 11.0?

The main new functions in IBM App Connect Enterprise Version 11.0 are:

IBM App Connect Enterprise is a compatible evolution of both IBM Integration Bus and IBM App Connect, which provides a universal integration capability that addresses a wide range of integration scenarios.

The following are some basic new features in IBM App Connect Enterprise Version 11.0,

  • Simplicity and Productivity
  • Dynamic and Intelligent

Simplicity and productivity: This version main feature is its flexible administrative control over integration servers and resources. IBM Integration Bus provides an integration node component as the central point of administrative control over a set of owned integration servers. But IBM App Connect Enterprise Version 11.0 provides support for integration servers that can be created and run independently from an integration node, so that you can deploy your applications to an integration server very quickly and easily, without the need of creating and configuring an integration node.

Simplified the process of deploying message flows and resources to integration servers: The process for deploying message flows and resources to an integration server has been more simplified here, so that your applications can be deployed and run quickly and efficiently.

Simplified web user interface: An enhanced, simplified web user interface is provided here in this IBM App Connect Enterprise, which you can use to carry out the below given tasks

  • To Start, stop, and manage the deployed resources.
  • To Collect and view resource statistics for your integration servers.
  • To Create, retrieve, update, and delete operational policies.

Streamlined choice of editions and modes of operation: Here it provides, a simplified structure of editions and corresponding operation modes that enables you to quickly identify the option that can satisfy your business requirements.

Security: It provides Control access to the IBM App Connect Enterprise integration server by using either HTTP basic authentication or by using the HTTPS protocol.

Dynamic and intelligent: Here policies are replaced by configurable services, IBM Integration Bus provided configurable services to define properties that are related to external services with which the product can communicate. But in this version 11.0, this information is defined in a policy document. Policy documents can be deployed to IBM App Connect Enterprise as part of a BAR file. Policies can also be placed on the file system in a particular runtime environment to provide environment-specific overrides, enabling you to control the behavior of message flow nodes in message flows, without the need to redeploy your resources. A Policy editor is also provided here, to create and configure policies.


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